Insulated Zone Fire Curtains  

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriersThis special fire curtain does require that it has to be installed by trained and highly competent fitters,
ensuring that the product conforms to the standards achieved in all of our tests.

  • Annex D of PAS 121:2007 BRE Global
  • PAS 121 Impact Test
  • PAS 121 Smoke Test
  • Cycle test of 12900 + completed to PAS 121 Specifications.
  • A complete unit was fire tested and proved that the motor and system is able to work at 300 degrees Celsius.

Control panels capable of the following actions:

  1.  Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriersRetract and latch for a pre-determined number of seconds
  2. Audio visual equipment
  3. Over-ride switches to allow passage through once activated
  4. Controlled descent
  5. Wired to and from the units with fire rated cables which ensure the over-ride switches will work even if the mains supply is interupted
  6. Time delay
  7. Split drop options
  8. Sensors to stop curtain descending if an object is in the opening and alert with an audio visual alarm
  9. Audio / visual alarm installed to warn of any object left standing in the opening for two minutes or more.
  10. Back up battery supply built in to the control panel. Mains supply only trickle charges the 24v batteries.
  11. Curtain will descend if the condition of the battery is reduced by 20%.
  12. Installation by one of our specialist fitting teams, ensuring quality & client satisfaction.  

The Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd products are tested to BS476 Part 22, One hour and four hour fire curtain performance and BS7346 Part 3 for smoke. 

Smoke curtain / Fire Curtains / blinds /screens fire barriersSmoke Curtains.

  • BS 7346: Part 3  Warrington FRC, UK. BS476: Part 22, Warrington FRC, UK.

Fire Curtains. 

  • BS 476: Part 22 Warrington Global Safety. UK.
  • BS EN 1634-1: 2000 Warrington Global Safety. UK.
  • WarringtonMiddle East Certification.
  • BS 476: 1987 Part 8 Warrington Global Safety. UK.
  • BS EN 1634-1: 2000 Chiltern Fire.
  • Corner & Over-lapping Curtains.
  • Annex D of PAS 121:2007 BRE Global.


 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriersSmoke & Fire Curtains Limited have tested their product to the PAS 121 specification and passed on all points but due to the rigourous standards required we only allow E P S Fire Curtains Ltd and their specially trained staff to install our units. Ensuring that the PAS 121 may remain as possibly one of the highest standards available in the UK and Europe.

The purpose of the PAS 121 specification is to create a fire curtain which will hold back the heat and ensure that the "safe side" temperature does not rise above the ambient room temperature, by 180 degrees Celsius within a pre-determined time and at only 50mm away from the safe side of the curtain for the full duration of 150 minutes..
The PAS 121 specification is now a standard which the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have now adopted and enforce within their Borough. 

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers

  Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers