Insulated Zone Fire Curtains 

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriersMany Building Control Officers, in London, are requesting that we use a fire curtain which has a minimum of 30 minutes integrity and also and insulating zone of 30 minutes. This is the PAS 121 standard. During our fire tests the temperature on the safe side of the fire curtain rose only by 45 degrees Celsius, at a point 10 cm away from the curtain. This is after 30 minutes and about 1000 degrees Celsius on the fire side.

  • 150 minute insulated zone fire curtains; 150/150
  • 1hr & 4hr fire curtains.
  • 4hr Over-lapping curtains, to almost any width
  • 1hr & 4hr fire integrity. 150 minute Integrity & 150 minute "insulated zone" curtains now available

Annex D of PAS 121:2007 BRE Global.
PAS 121 Impact Test
PAS 121 Smoke Test 
Cycle test of 1000 + completed to PAS 121 Specifications.
Fail Safe motors tested to work above 300 degrees Celsius.

Control panels capable of the following actions:

  •  Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriersRetract and latch emergency escape buttons set to latch for a pre-determined number of seconds
  • Audio visual equipment optional
  • Key switch supplied, for regular testing of fire curtains
  • Controlled descent
  • Wired to and from the units with fire rated cables which ensure the over-ride switches will work even if the mains supply is interupted
  • Time delay
  • Split drop options
  • Sensors to warn if an object is in the opening and alert with an audio visual alarm
  • Back up battery supply built in to the control panel. Mains supply only trickle charges the 24v batteries.
  • Curtain will descend if the condition of the battery reduces by 20%. Optional extra.
  • Recessed into walls and ceilings hide the fire curtains.

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 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers