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 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriersSpecialising in Industrial and Residential, Smoke and Fire curtains, we are world-wide Suppliers & Installers. Automatic smoke curtains are not just an adjunct to smoke ventilation systems, they are an essential safety component, designed to protect life and help save lives, by containing and stopping the spread of lethal, superheated, noxious gases. How valuable, irreplaceable or expensive are the contents of your building?

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  •  Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriersAutomatic smoke & fire curtains
  • Servery or hatchway fire curtains
  • Made to your drawings specifications
  • Not standard sizes but made to withing 5mm of your specifiactions
  • Delivery 2 to 5 working days.
  • Slim, lightweight, easy to install and made to measure sizes.
  • 4hr fire resistance to BS476 Part 22 and Smoke control to BS7346 Part 3.
  • Sealed to prevent the passage of fire or smoke.
  • 24V operation with battery back-up.


 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers  Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers  Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers

Options Available

  • Choice of alarm actuations and fire/smoke sensors.
  • Powder coating in any standard RAL colour
  • Gravity fail-safe motor options.
  • Fail Safe Option.
    Our battery back up smoke and fire curtains are designed to close down  the openings when activated by a fire signal. These are also the option of special units which are designed to be gravity  fail safe, even without any power in the building, the back-up batteries will not only allow the curtains to fall once the required signal has been received but also in a total power failure. 

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  Smoke curtains & fire curtains are classified by various test bodies:

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers

A fire curtain, manufactured and installed by Fire Curtains Ltd, Leicester, being tested for one of our clients in London.
This photograph is the property of Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd 

BS EN 1643 - 1 : 2000
Annex D PAS 121 : 2007
BS 476 : Part 20 & 22 Curtain Fire Test (Warrington Fire)
BS 476 : Part 31.1 Smoke Leakage Test  (Chiltern Fire)
BS 7346 - 6 Motor operational test in a fire (Chiltern Fire)
BS 8434 - 2 Cable resistance fire test (Chiltern Fire)
BS EN 949 : 2000 Pressure & Impact test (Chiltern Fire)
BS EN 1363 - 1 : 2000 Furnace control as stated in BSEN 1636-1:1999
BS EN 1363 - 2 Fire resistance for doors & shutters (Warrington)
BS EN 1364 - 1 Fire Test (Chiltern)
BS EN 1364 - 1 Fire resistance test (Chiltern)
BS EN 1634 - 1 : 2000 Monitoring of air temperature (Chiltern)
BS EN 1634 - 3 : 2004 Smoke leakage at ambient temperature (Chiltern)
Warrington Middle East Certification
BS EN ISO 9001;2000
Motors and wiring tested to run upto 300 Degrees Celsius.
Over-rides to work at 300 Degrees Celsius.


A result of our continual program in research and development, searching to provide the highest standard of fire protection,
using new fire curtain technology, to provide our clients with the newest product available but at a realistic price.

Fire Curtains in Action 
The following photographs are the property of Fire Curtains Ltd and may not be used by other companies.
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 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers 

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers

Our 4hr curtain under test.
The weighted bar sags
down the curtain and is
inserted to test for
curtains up to 8m high.

A wide spanning
Fire Curtain being
which involves
multiple barrels.

The finished result of a
multiple barrel fire
curtain installation.
This view from a corner.

 Completing an installation
in a large departmental
store out of hours. Enquiry on
Monday and fitted on Thursday

Portugal, A Standard
1hr Fire Curtain being
installed in a Theatre.

Designed for openings of up to 30m wide by 8m high in the fire compartment wall.  It eliminates the dangers posed by heavy steel shutters which could cause fatalities.
 It is especially suited to clean hygienic environments such as kitchens and hospitals, or is equally at home over windows and reception areas

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers