Corner Fire Curtains.

Smoke curtain / Fire Curtains / blinds /screens fire barriers We are probably the only UK fire curtain manufacturing company with a fire curtain that protects a right angled corner but WITHOUT A CORNER POST. You do not have to accept a post stuck in the middle of your room, as supplied by all of our competitors, NO, use our corner fire curtain and avoid this hideous post.

Tested to BS EN 1634 - 1: 2000 at Chiltern
Fire Research Centre to 85 minutes, using a 60 minute curtain material.

This image is a fire curtain which surrounds a staircase.

This set of curtains has a pair of side guides at one end of the rectangular curtain. This curtain has the pair of side guides under the stairs, at a position where you would not normally walk underneath. The other end has no side guides and is open so that staff and clientel can walk freely on and off the staircase.

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriersBenefits.

  • less wiring.
  • Less number of control panels around the building. 
  • Quicker installations.
  • Less units to service.
  • Smaller head boxes.
  • Lower overall cost. Now you have a real chance of keeping within your budget.
  • Restricted access problems probably eliminated.
  • Less things to go wrong.
  • BS 476 Part 22 fire rated certification.
  • 2 hr or 4hr ratings available.
  • Turn around time to installation can be as low as 3 weeks.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Quicker maintenance service calls.
  • BUT MOST OF ALL. A solution to irregular floor layouts.

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 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers

 Fire Curtains / smoke curtains/fire blinds /screens fire barriers